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The Amazing Love Calculator!

All over the world singles have been asking the same questions since the dawn of time: Am I destined to be alone? Will I ever find Mr or Mrs Right? Is the perfect person for me out there, somewhere, waiting and yearning? And throughout the ages these lonely singles have tried just about everything to find their soulmates.

Often they have ultimately resorted to a love calculator of some kind, whether it be a matchmaker running probabilities on the likely compatibility of couples, or an expert calculating the odds of one personality fitting with another, or just a fun love calculator game like our one (fun for kids and ‘grown ups’), where the true test of love comes down to a number out of 100!

Our love test calculator works by name but there are others that work by date of birth too. Either way, don't get too bogged down in the score, it's just a bit of fun. And be careful not to get caught out by a love calculator prank either, it can be real embarrassing, you won't want to return online for a while if you get tricked! Hey, nobody said finding true love would be easy!

The important thing is not to get too worried about whether you will find real love, just be patient, and relax. Be kind to others, and just carry on being a good person. You will be noticed. It's just a matter of probability and percentages. If you're a great person, then eventually you will find another great person looking for a great person.

Always remember that there is someone out there for everyone, don't get too caught up in the compatibility trap, where you make endless lists of things you want in your ideal partner. There is no such thing as a perfect partner. But there is a partner perfect for you. This is an important difference.

And if our Amazing Love Calculator can put a smile on your face in the meantime, then it also puts a smile on ours.